“NE Consult were extremely knowledgeable and proficient in supporting us to renegotiate one of our term service contracts. Working with Neil Earnshaw we achieved a positive resolution for both Springfields Fuels and our contractor which has brought much greater clarity to the operation of the contract. Since Neil’s involvement relationships have improved greatly and the contract is operating effectively. We have no hesitation in recommending NE Consult to other clients.”

Paul Dickinson, Supplier Manager, Springfields Fuels

“Such a dry subject made interesting, it’s clear that Neil is extremely passionate and knowledgeable about NEC4, it shines through. Superb job keeping us all on task, interesting even in the final hour of two days of training. Well done for engaging all.”

Darren Pickering, Group Engineer, Highways and Streetscene Service, Kirklees Council

“I had the pleasure of attending a training course delivered by Neil and was highly impressed by the quality of his delivery. Neil has an engaging style backed by a wealth of experience and insight which add colour to his delivery style. I really enjoyed what could have been a dry subject.”

Jon Ager CBE Director of UK Antarctic Infrastructure Modernisation Programme, British Antarctic Survey

British Antarctic Survey

“I cannot recommend Neil Earnshaw highly enough in relation to the assistance and instruction he provided in the drafting of this documentation. If you have the scope to procure Neil’s services, you will find him a very useful asset to have at your side.”

Trevor Rea, Head of Property Management, Department of Finance Northern Ireland

“Neil is proud of his consultancy firm and takes pride in everything he produces. Neil sets himself and the team he is working with very high standards, he continually exceeds expectations. I have worked and known Neil for over 2 years and would highly recommend him. I am delighted to provide this recommendation for Neil.”

Bill Harris-Heffer, formerly Director of Facilities for Mersey Care NHS Trust

“I have worked with Neil for over 2 years as he has guided Lincs County Council through the process of setting up and establishing a new NEC3 Term Service Contract withVINCIMouchel. Mentoring the team through a complex period of change, Neil has a knack of breaking down the barriers with common sense, contractually sound solutions. His style is inclusive; a gentle guiding hand supporting the team’s work to manage the issues and risks, encouraging ownership. That said, he’s not afraid to rigorously challenge when appropriate. I recommend Neil to any prospective clients.”

Brian Goodwin, formerly Contract Manager for Lincolnshire County Council

“NE Consult were extremely knowledgeable and proficient in supporting us in renegotiating one of our NEC3 Term Service Contracts.”

Springfields Fuels