NEC People Community

The NEC People LinkedIn group was started by Glenn Hide from GMH Planning back in 2010 and it currently has over 11,000 members from the UK and abroad with representation from across the entire supply chain. The objective of the group is to provide an online forum for people with an interest in NEC contracts to connect and discuss and debate issues relating to the use of NEC contracts.

Within the group are a number of prominent members of the NEC community who collectively have worked, written, and spoken extensively on NEC contracts including:

  • Glenn Hide, GMH Planning
  • Barry Trebes, Trebes Consultancy
  • Dr Jon Broome, Leading Edge Project Consulting
  • Rob Horne, Osborne Clarke
  • Richard Patterson, Mott MacDonald
  • Neil Earnshaw, NE Consult

The group holds an annual NEC People conference in London which is a natural extension of the online forum that enables discussion of contemporary issues in industry and shares good practice, 2024 will be its twelfth year. In 2023 the group successfully held the inaugural northern NEC People conference in Leeds.

If you’re interested in NEC, join the group on LinkedIn here: