The Firm

NE Consult are a highly regarded international, independent consultancy practice that provides procurement, contract and commercial advice and NEC training in the construction, facilities management and maintenance sectors.

The firm was founded by Neil Earnshaw in 2006 and since then we have built a reputation with our clients for providing reliable, high quality and cost-effective professional services.

NE Consult works for both public and private sector clients who operate in diverse sectors of industry including:

Government – central government departments and agencies, health and local authorities.

Transportation – airports, highways and railways.

Energy / Utilities – biomass, oil, gas, nuclear, wind and water.

NE Consult specialises in the NEC suite of contracts and our founder, Neil Earnshaw is a recognised expert in this field.

Our Approach

NE Consult seeks to build long term relationships with clients and act with complete integrity to help them to manage their projects more effectively and efficiently. Whether that’s supporting government to deliver a project on time and within budget or working with the supply chain to ensure they recover what they are contractually entitled to, we always put our clients’ business interests first.

What motivates us is supporting our clients to address the challenges they face by developing robust, value for money solutions, and delivering successful projects every time.

NE Consult’s ultimate goal with clients is to transfer our knowledge into their organisation so that eventually we are either no longer needed or only required to advise on more complex, technical matters.

Our Values

Integrity – our clients know we can be relied on to give honest and independent advice.

Attitude – we have a reputation for providing pragmatic solutions to the challenges that face our clients.

Responsive – we recognise the need to respond positively to the evolving nature of our clients’ needs when embarking on a new or challenging project: we are focussed on outcomes.

Progressive – we believe the only way industry can improve is through learning from the mistakes of the past and never accepting mediocrity as the norm.