Magnox are responsible for the safe and secure clean-up of 12 nuclear sites and operation of one hydro-electric plant. They have around 300 live contracts being delivered using the NEC suite with approximately £500m of projects procured using the Engineering and Construction Contract (ECC), and around £200m on the Term Service Contract (TSC).

Following the successful delivery of a NEC training programme in 2016 / 2017 targeted at improving the cost engineering discipline’s understanding of NEC, NE Consult in collaboration with Built Intelligence designed and delivered a national training programme that was rolled out across all sites in 2019 / 2020. In total Neil Earnshaw trained over 400 delegates who attended 24 two-day workshops across a 10-month period including both management and staff involved in the procurement and management of NEC contracts.

In addition to improving understanding of the structure and processes in NEC contracts using custom slide decks and case studies, Magnox wanted to encourage delegates to share their real-life experiences of using NEC contracts to enable learning to be context specific. Neil was able to effectively facilitate the discussion so that all delegates were able to openly discuss issues and learn from their experiences. The feedback speaks for itself.

NE Consult has delivered large-scale training programmes for a number of clients over the years including the Environment Agency, Westinghouse Springfields Fuels, and Capita.

Feedback from delegates on the Magnox training programme was overwhelmingly positive, a selection of the comments we received are below:

“It can be a dry subject but the content, pace and tutor were at the right level for me. He allowed good conversations and was very knowledgeable in the subject.”

“Very encouraging, dynamic delivery. Great course content. Good mix of people and expertise.”

“Neil always leads an interactive session, flexible to the audience and allows attendees to contribute.”

“The workshop was very well presented with plenty of group discussion. The tutor gave plenty of advice to problems highlighted by group discussion. A really worthwhile workshop.”

“Tutor very knowledgeable and able to relate relevant sections to actual issues people had.”

“Trainer very well experienced and took time to answer in detail and a manner which used examples relevant to our industry.”

“Neil made a heavy topic very interesting and understandable; some great case studies were discussed.”

“Comprehensive, good discussions, thought provoking, engaged with significant majority of attendees, knowledgeable and good pace.”

“Overall the course was pitched at a consistent level from a knowledgeable instructor who was enthusiastic throughout which helped energise a potentially heavy subject.”

“Trainer is very interactive and puts scenarios in which keeps things real and enables you to put what’s in the training materials into practice.”

“Well constructed and delivered course. Key points explained in a simple and understandable way. Neil delivered the material within a professional an informal environment.”

“This has been a very knowledgeable course. Trainer very good. It really is one course I would recommend to others. Best NEC training ever delivered. Gave me a positive feeling about NEC.”