Built Intelligence & ReachBack

Built Intelligence provides online training and support tools for construction professionals to help them perform better. It was created by leading industry experts, Chris Corr, Jon Broome and Glenn Hide to close the skills gap they encountered as practitioners to provide easy access to high-quality training and support. NE Consult collaborates with Built Intelligence in developing online training courses and contributing to ReachBack, the free community help desk for construction professionals run by Built Intelligence. ReachBack is a library of high-quality questions from real users with answers delivered and curated by industry experts.

Our core services are:

NE Consult in association with Built Intelligence can offer our clients industry leading eLearning NEC courses. The NEC Academy has approaching one hundred short eLearning courses that come in predefined structured learning paths, that are tailored to specific job roles and helps users.

Use the link below to view courses and use the discount code “CNEC3” for a £10 discount: